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MTECK Global Pty Ltd is an Australia based provider of Process Valve and Instrumentation solutions, specializing in the supply of Industrial Control Valves (General & Severe Service), Choke Valves (ASME & API), Steam Desuperheaters, Actuated Valves and Manual Valves as well as instrumentation like Pressure Gauges, Temperature Guages, Thermocouples, Manifold Valves, Pressure Switches & Transmitters from it’s facilities located in Melbourne, Australia and other Overseas facilities.

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MTECK GLOBAL supplies equipment within the Oil and Gas, Gas Transmission, LNG Processing and Regasification, Power Generation, Petrochemical and Mining (Mineral processing) & Waste Water Industries for both General Service and Severe Service applications.

Our expertise and capabilities in order execution and project management ensures any orders are executed on-time and to customer’s specifications for small quantity orders and short lead time or project orders.

Our best Quality Assurance approach ensures technical requirements are adhered to from initial application engineering and process data analysis through to technical design, assembly and testing while complying to all applicable industry standards.

MTECK GLOBAL provides functional and technical assistance during installation and commissioning where required and promptly responds to all customer enquiries and issues, if any.

We currently provides the following

  • General Service Control Valves
    • Globe
    • Angle
    • V-Type Ball
    • Eccentric Plug & Butterfly – High Performance
    • Double and Triple Eccentric style
  • Severe Service Control Valves
    • Single & Multi-Stage Trims
    • Various Special Materials Tungsten Carbide
    • Hexalloy (Silicon Carbide) & Ceramics
  • Actuated (Pneumatic, Electric & Hydraulic) & Manual Ball/Gate/Check Valves/Knife Gate Valves


MTECK GLOBAL’s capabilities include manufacture of Valves & Instrumentation in a range of pressure ratings and sizes. All are available in a vast variety of materials including exotic alloys and specifically custom designs for complex and special applications.

Our Australian office has forged strong vendor partnerships in order to accomplish manufacture of patterns, castings / forgings and machining of components as well as procuring accessories from a vast network in order to meet client’s requirements on time and as per specification.

Our factory’s ‘Lean’ workflow methodologies provide great flexibility of machine shop loadings and substantial reduction in manufacturing lead times. MTECK GLOBAL’s well established partnerships have more than 15-years of proven track record of high quality product offering and on-time delivery performance.

Our team of highly motivated, qualified and experienced members work collaboratively to ensure our customers are provided with the right solutions for their requirements at a very competitive price within various sectors of the industry.