LNG Liquefaction & Re-Gasification

LNG Liquefaction & Re-Gasification

LNG Liquefaction & Re-Gasification

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a clear, colourless, and non-toxic liquid which forms when natural gas is cooled to -162ºC (-260ºF). The cooling process shrinks the volume of the gas 600 times, making it easier and safer to store and ship it around the globe. In its liquid state, LNG will not ignite.

When LNG reaches its destination, it is turned back into a gas at regasification plants. It is then piped to homes, businesses, and industries where it is burnt for heat or to generate electricity.

The first commercial (LNG) Liquefaction plant was pioneered in 1964 due to the ever-increasing energy demand and a need for much cleaner fuel compared to the other fossil fuels in use during that time. LNG demand has since exponentially grown and innovation and technological requirements for the industry have also evolved to find ways to produce and make more LNG available around the world where it is needed.

With a combined experience of over 30 years, MTECK along with our global network of partner facilities has been serving the LNG processing and re-gasification industries with highly engineered and customised valve solutions.

MTECK globe and rotary valves provide superior operational performance due to their inherent design attributes and hence have been used within the LNG processing and re-gasification plants successfully for many years. MTECK valves exhibit superior operation at Cryogenic temperatures, repeatable shutoff capabilities at these cryogenic temperatures while keeping the noise levels and fugitive emissions within the stipulated boundaries.

By utilizing expertise and experience in the LNG applications, our engineering team’s focus is always on sizing and selecting the most appropriate valve for the given application. Emphasis is also given to maximising the end user’s overall production uptime and efficiency and lowest total life cycle costs including the mean time between planned maintenance.

LNG Liquefaction & Re-Gasification Applications
  • Inlet Feed Control Valves
  • Joule-Thomson (JT) Valves
  • Compressor Antisurge Valves
  • Amine Pump Recycle Valves
  • Vent to Flare Control Valves
  • Rich Amine Letdown Control Valves
  • Expander By-Pass Valves
  • Slug Catcher
  • Pre-Cooling – Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, High Pressure
  • H2S and Co2 Stripper
  • Sour Gas Removal
  • Steam generation for combined cycle power plants