Noise Reduction/Attenuation

Noise Reduction/Attenuation – LowNoise

Noise pollution will soon become the third greatest problem to the environment after air and water pollution. Since noise is a by-product of energy conversion, there will be increasing noise as the demand for energy for transportation, power, food, and chemicals increases. In the field of control equipment, noise produced by valves has become a focal point of attention triggered in part, by enforcement of the OH&S policies, which in most cases limits the duration of exposure to noise within or in vicinity of industrial installations.

Keeping noise under control is also necessary to adhere to noise limits imposed by a plant site due to various reasons. Our customised LowNoise trim solutions can help keep this problem under control. We look at the valve and its associated parts to help eliminate root causes of noise such as vibration and energy.

MTECK LowNoise trim fits into a standard HP-Globe globe control valve to eliminate the problem of control valve noise generation. The LowNoise retainer (also known as an attenuator) is designed with a series of drilled-hole cylinders which permits staged pressure reduction and controls the turbulence carried into the downstream piping. With LowNoise trim, the pressure drop is distributed at each stage of the attenuator. A gradual pressure reduction is achieved by designing a sufficient number of stages (up to seven) that are welded together. Upto 30 dBA noise reduction can be achieved.

Noise Reduction