Choke Valves

Choke Valves

Choke valves are used to control flow rate and reduce pressure for processing of produced fluids further downstream. MTECK Chokes are designed and manufactured to reduce the likelihood of damage to downstream equipment, support longer lasting production timespans and reduce stress of the field operators by keeping them away from the wellhead and the production going.

MTECK Chokes are also economical and provide one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. As a global manufacturer and supplier of chokes for the oil and gas production market, we can provide a fit-for-purpose solution for any application.

Choke Trim Types Offered:

Selecting a proper trim for any application and environment is paramount which helps avoid expensive damage caused by erosion and corrosion and increase production integrity. MTECK offers Needle & Seat, External Sleeve, Plug & Cage and Multistage type trims in various materials of construction depending on the application.

Choke Valve