HP-Globe Valve

HP-Globe Valve Details

Superior performance in liquids and gaseous services is the hallmark of HP Globe. Easy, quick and economical maintenance makes HP-Globe globe control valve more user friendly.The spring cylinder actuated HP-Globe provides throttling stiffness and maintains very high precision in positioning, swift response, repeatability and controlled high speed the characteristics which are absentin diaphragm operated control valves. HP-Globe has the thrust capability to shutoff against higher fluid pressures as it can handle up to 150 psig / 10.30 Bar instrument air / gas supply. Valve closure is totally dependent on springs in most diaphragm actuators. The unique design of HP-Globe enables the spring, fluid pressure and supply air pressure to combine and achieve an extremely tight shutoff. A self aligning seat ring design combined with knife edge contact between seating area adds to and further improves the exceptional shutoff capability.

Sticking and Galling is one of the most common maintenance issues with globe valves because of the close metal-to-metal contact between plug & cage. The HP-Globe has two top heavy duty stem guides. Contact between the plug and Seat retainer / cage is completely avoided in HP-Globe. Easy and quick maintenance is permitted due to clamped-in seat and top entry trim. Inventory costs are reduced as most parts needed are interchangeable. Against comparable diaphragm actuators, our spring cylinder actuator is lighter, smaller and very easy to maintain.

Globe Valve Specification

The HP-Globe valve due to it's inherent design qualities and interchangeability of components between sizes gives us an advantage with being able to offer industry leading quick leadtimes. HP-Globe is a heavy duty, rugged and industrial globe valve.