Oil & Gas Production : On-Shore & Off-Shore

Oil & Gas Production : On-Shore & Off-Shore Industry

Oil & Gas Production

MTECK along with our global network of partner facilities has been providing bespoke, highly engineered valve solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry with a combined experience of over 30 years. Having significant expertise and experience of Oil & Gas production and processing applications over many years allows our technical team to size and select the correct valve for a given application. We always have a strong emphasis on enhancing and maximising our client’s production capabilities and at the same time reducing their overall plant operating/maintenance costs. The heavy duty and rugged design of our control & various other valves provides the lowest mean time between planned maintenance when compared against our key competitors.

Typically, the two most encountered modes of control valve failure are passing/leaking and seizure / sticking / galling. MTECK HP-Globe control valve design efficiently eliminates these two problems and hence greatly improves overall plant and process performance and at the same time significantly decreasing overall maintenance costs.

Excessive seat leakage is typically caused by plug/seat erosion & wearing (also known as wire drawing) of the plug and seat and often where a pressure balanced trim is used. MTECK HP-Globe control valves with the inherent design attributes when combined with an unbalanced trim provide exceptionally tight shutoff which minimizes trim erosion and wear under most general and severe applications.

Seizing / sticking / galling is usually caused by close manufacturing tolerances within a cage-guided trim. MTECK HP-Globe control valves utilize a double stem non cage guided trim design which efficiently prevents these problems.

Oil & Gas Production : On-Shore & Off-Shore Applications
  • Fluid (Water and Gas) Injection Valves
  • Test Separator Control Valves
  • Produced Water Valves
  • Gas Scrubbers / Desander / Hydrocyclone Valves
  • Cavitation Control Valves
  • Flashing Service Valves
  • Gas-to-flare Valves
  • High Pressure Let Down Valves
  • Noise Reducing Control Valves
  • Wellhead Control Valves
  • Pump/Compressor Recycle & Fast Stop Valves
  • High Rangeability Application
  • High Pressure Drop Application
  • Tight Shut-Off Valves
  • Severe Service Valves