Segmented Ball Control Valve

V-Ball Segmented Ball Control Valve

The MTECK V-Ball is a high-performance ball valve designed to overcome the problems of erosive, particle-entrained process conditions. The segmented V-notch ball decreases clogging and enhances shearing action. Its high rangeability, or turn down ratio, ensures that the V-Ball is ideal for high temperature service. Unlike a two piece body, the V-Ball’s single-piece body produces high performance by preventing piping forces from altering the seat seal tightness. A full body gasket is used to improved gasket alignment. The high thrust cylinder actuator and packing box of V-Ball are completely interchangeable with MTECK HP-Disk Rotary control valve. V-Ball Control valves are available in 316 stainless steel, Carbon Steel and many other special alloys / castable body materials. Ball materials available include 317 stainless steel with either hard chrome or Stellite hard facing. A bi-directional seal in V-Ball is pressure-assisted to provide shutoffs meeting and exceeding ANSI Class IV shutoff with a metal seal and bubble-tight (CLASS VI) shutoff with a soft seal. The self-centering seat design improves shutoff capability, permits easier installation and requires no shims. Pressure rating available upto ANSI Class 1500. For higher rating, please contact us with your application requirements.

V-Notch Ball Control Valve

V-Notch Ball Control Valve Specification